Rajesh Didiya – Nepal

Rajesh-pic-croppedRajesh Didiya is the President of the National Association of People living with HIV/AIDS (NAP+N) in Nepal and an Indigenous member of the Newa Peoples. Rajesh identifies as an ex-drug user living with a compromised immune system since 2003 and has been working for community betterment for 15 years in Nepal in policy change and implementation of HIV and drug related harm reduction.

Mr. Didiya has been working as Peer Educator, Outreach Worker, Counsellor, Program Coordinator, Program Director and now as President of NAP+N. Because Rajesh has been involved in all aspects of HIV work, he understands the social dynamics of each area.

Rajesh is a farmer with a healthy lifestyle participating in all aspects of producing food, including the harvest. The farm, called The Empowerment Centre and located in Bhaktapur, Nepal, is the first of its type where all workers are either living with HIV or have lived experience with drug use.