Onyeka Christian Okafor – Nigeria

Onyeka2Onyeka Christian Okafor is a 37-year old graduate of Human Physiology and Pharmacology, from the Indigenous Igbo speaking people of old Eastern Nigeria. He had worked with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited as a senior medical representative.

He is a community leader, a human right activist and the Publicity Secretary of Ikenga-Nri Development Union, the Aboriginal people of Nri, widely believed as the ancestral home of all Igbos. He worked for Hope Givers Organisation in various community programs like Global Fund Home Based Care (HBC) for People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) and Community Sensitization/Awareness creation targeting the youths on Global Fund Most at Risk population Intervention (GF MARPS) in various communities in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Okafor is also the Anambra State Chairman of Masses Movement of Nigeria, a registered political party in Nigeria with a core manifesto of an egalitarian system of government built on transparency, accountability, fairness and equitable distribution of opportunities, through masses participatory democracy.