Juana Cheuquepan Colipe – Chile

Juana is a community educator, with a Masters in Management of Development with Identity. Ms. Cheuquepan Colipe is a leader from the Indigenous Association Kiñe Pu Liwen, originally from Lautaro, 9th Region of Temuco in southern Chile. She has played a diverse role in community education and HIV and AIDS advocacy in Chile. She has worked as a Traditional Educator in local schools and in the Mapuche community, in La Pintana, corresponding to the Pikunche Territory (People of the North). In 2011, she developed innovative HIV educational materials for the International Labour Organization (ILO) from the perspective of the Mapuche worldview. She also lent her voice to the first translation into an Indigenous language (Mapudungun) of the ILO’s Recommendation concerning HIV and AIDS and the working world.