Gangu Akhila Rajasri – India

Akhila-rajasri-Photo2Gangu Akhila Rajasri, aged 20 years, was born in an Indigenous community (Koya tribe) in a remote forest area in Kondrukota village in Andhra Pradesh, India. She studied for a Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Application. Her father, Gangu Anilkumar, was running an NGO for Indigenous peoples welfare activities, and she was involved in Indigenous welfare activities since her childhood.

Akhila is active with awareness camps for women regarding prevention of HIV/AIDS as well as building awareness for prevention of domestic violence in Indigenous families. She also advocates for other livelihoods improvement in Indigenous families through government funding and local contributions.

Akhila is looking forward to being an Indigenous leader in IIWGHA. She wants to support HIV/AIDS effected Indigenous peoples regarding prevention, treatment, and reference to hospitals, and wants to do advocacy with government regarding HIV/AIDS welfare programs.