May 22 – 26, 2016

Promoting Health and Equity, the Municipal Health Secretariat of Curitiba, the International Union for Health Promotion and Education and their partners are looking forward to hosting this important global public health and health promotion event. The 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion will take place in Curitiba, Brazil. The aim is to create a global forum where researchers, practitioners and policy makers concerned by the promotion of health and equity will share and discuss new knowledge, innovations in practice and policy and cutting edge experience in Promoting Health and Equity Conference subthemes:

  • Ethical and cultural imperatives in interventions that promote health and equity
  • Urban change to make differences locally, paying attention to emerging voices
  • Health in all policy and intersectoral action: innovations in theory, evaluation and research
  • Pathways to achieve sustainable and healthy human development on a global scale
  • Creating shared research questions to bridge the research/practice gap